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Green Action Fund

We' proud to coordinate the Green Action Fund. This annual award aims to promote sustainable development and reduce poverty by promoting worldwide awareness and advocacy activities which encourage sustainable patterns of consumption.

The Green Action Fund is the funding element of Green Action Week, an annual global campaign running 1-9 October, to promote sustainable consumption. The fund is made available by our partner and administered by Consumers International, with materials, research, policy support, and joint-campaign communications being provided. Projects funded promote consumer awareness and demand for food produced using farming methods that exclude chemical pesticides, such as organic farming. The programme is open to our members in economically developing countries to assist them in carrying out their own campaigns.

What kind of projects are funded?

Green Action Fund projects have taken place all over the world. Winning projects over the past few years have successfully gone on to raise awareness on a range of issues, including: sustainable fishing, energy-saving devices, recycling, green consumption, chemical run-off, sustainable transportation, and many more.

In 2016, 22 grants of £2,000 were awarded to Consumers International members in economically developing countries, in order for them to implement Green Action Fund campaigns on the theme of ‘Safer, More Sustainable Food for All’.

Read about work undertaken in previous years (eng):

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You can also take a look at the Green Action Week Facebook page

Photo taken from a 2016 Green Action Week event in Ecuador, run by our member Tribuna Ecuatoriana de Consumidores y Usuarios

What our members say

“This programme is very strategic for women farmer groups and consumer groups especially on increasing their quality of life. By developing and spreading it, we are convinced that food consumption patterns can be improved. Green Action Week is very important and relevant to be developed in the future.”

Yogyakarta Consumers Institute, Indonesia


Green Action Fund 2016 winners announced

Twenty-two Consumers International members in developing countries will receive a grant of £2,000 each to implement Green Action Fund 2016.



Green Action Fund 2015

Consumers International's Fundraising Officer Steven Hawkes looks back on the 2015 Green Action Week campaigns and reflects on the diverse activities and results that were achieved by our Members from across the world.